If you choose Clivia, you'll find a welcoming home where you can develop your talents in a nice, positive and qualified environment. Clivia welcomes students from Italy and from all around the world who are enrolled at three-year degrees, Msc degrees, masters and PhDs.

Download here all the information about admission process for our International students. For more information you can visit MyCollege or download Rui Hall of Residences' Call For Application.
You can watch the following video and, below, you will find the dates of the admission tests.

The admission tests for the academical year 2019/2020 take place at the following dates:

June 27th from 15.00 

July 10th from 15.00 

July 19th from 15.00 

August 23th from 15.00

August 30th from 15.00

September 4th from 15.00

September 18th from 15.00

September 26th from 15.00

October 3rd from 15.00

October 10th from 15.00

Will be published other dates as soon as possible. If you're interested, register on our MyCollege platform . For further information you can contact us at this email adress or call this number  +390458349637 or 3475922028



In order to participate to the test and have confirmation of one's reservation, the student must sign in on MyCollege (residence online platform), fill in the form and attach the required documents. The Residence will not take into consideration those who do not present all of the requested materials. Furthermore, if you want to, you can send a short video (max 2 minutes) to present yourself and justify your candidacy.

The admission test consists in a fact-finding interview, a presentation of the life at the residence and of its formative path, description of group dynamics and aptitude tests. No prior preparation is necessary in order to pass the tests.

The application, the relative documents and the admission test are all the things that will be evaluated. We will consider academic merit, how much a student shares the proposed formative project and personal aptitude and motivation in participating actively to the life of the residence and to the activities the residence has to offer. Admission is decided by the Admission Committee and is unquestionable.