17 10 2017


Starting from Friday, October 20, the new meetings of Psychology, from 19.00 to 20.30 at Clivia.

Here are the first three appointments:

Friday, 20/10 "Specially human love" 

The meeting will be held by Dr. Clementina Collevati educator, graduating in Classical Letters. He holds a Master's degree and a Doctorate in Education Science at the University of Navarre.

Friday 10/11 "Images of love today: the formation of the couple"

Guests of this meeting will be Michele Vassallo and Maria Beatrice Comin Chiaramonte are a young couple of spouses with two children. Both graduates in Jurisprudence report their testimony of the first years of marriage.

Friday 1/12 "Feelings of Love: Recognize and Use Your Emotions"

Coordinator of the meeting will be Umbertamaria Maggionioni professional counselor CNCP and professional trainer

Meetings will take place from 19.00 to 20.30 at Clivia Residence in Via Tirapelle 2, 37128 Verona. Tel. 045 8349637 - 347 5922028

For those who want to stop at dinner contact Giorgia 3278331218 or Alessandra 3272393050